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PX Series - High Density Switch Matrix

The PX Series of switching modules are compact and economically priced units using high reliability reed relay modules assembled into pre-wired mainframes or expansion chassis to assemble a 32x16 matrix, two 32x8 matrices or a 64x8 matrix with either single or double pole signal switching. Computer control can be from IEEE488, RS232, or 10/100Base-T ethernet.

  • Matrix layout for higher bandpass or 20 Mhz and crosstalk less the -40db at 10Mhz
  • Status feedback to the computer from the relay coil drive gives positive assurance that the selected relay is energized
  • Interrogation mode gives readout of all switched paths in terms of inputs and outputs connected
  • Optional manual control with visual display of selected switch path
  • Optional non-volatile ram for storage or preset or power-up configuration
  • Virtual Manual Control Software (VMCS) for remote operation using a full graphical user interface

PX Series Product Bulletin in PDF Format


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