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MESA Series - Matrix Expansion Systems

The MESA Series Expansion Systems make it possible to build large matrix or multiplexer configurations using a MESA Control Unit to control the required number of Expansion Chassis from one Control Module. These Chassis can be any combination of different types of Expansion Chassis, including the CXAR, CX, LX, HXV, VX, and PX Matrices; JX Multiplexers, GX and RS Group Switches, VDX Video Switches, FX and FO Fiber Optic Switches, HDX 4600 High Density Matrices and the DX Digital Matrices.

Using a MESA Controller allows up to 32 Expansion Chassis to be controlled from a single IEEE488 address, RS232 or RS422 port, TTL I/O or LAN Interface. A Manual Control Option allows control of all Expansion Chassis through a front panel Keypad with LCD Display. The MESA allows cost effective building of large systems since Expansion Chassis do not require additional power supplies or Control Modules, and additional Expansion chassis can be added as your needs grow or change.

Mesa Chassis

Mesa Product Bulletin in PDF Format


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