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GX Series - Group Switching Matrices and Multiplexers (Analog and Digital)

Cytec GX Series is used to build Group or Gang switches from 2 to 2000 wires. A variety of different modules can be custom configured to switch virtually any type of signal and can be wired out to any type of connector.

Group Multiplexers switch any one of several groups of input signals to a single output group, or a single input group to multiple output groups.

Group Matrices switch selected groups of inputs to selected output groups in an NxM matrix configuration.

Remote computer control via IEEE488 and RS232 is standard.

Optional computer controls include:

  • Parallel TTL
  • TCP/IP
  • USB

(manual controls are available on both the GX Mainframes and the GX Control Units)


  • CX Series Switch Modules allow multi wire coaxial systems with BNC connectors in 1x2 through 1x2000 multiplexer configurations, or matrix configurations of 2xN through 4xN.
  • GX/200 Switch Modules allow you to switch up to 200 wires per module and can be driven in parallel for unlimited capacity.
  • LX or VX Series Switch Modules allow modular formation matrix and multiplexer systems with up to hundreds of wires per group.
  • Build large systems using Group Drive chassis and multiple GX Expansion Chassis.
  • Combine different Module styles to allow switching of Power and Data
  • Use in conjunction with other switching products to reduce cost per switch point on high channel count systems
  • Front Panel LED Display and Status Feedback to Computer.
  • Manual Control Option.
  • Custom or semi-custom configurations available.

Typical Applications

  • Four wire high frequency coax switching for LCR Meters, DVM, Mega ohm meters, etc.
  • Multi wire BNC Switching for Data Recorders.
  • Multi wire Bus Switching for communications.
  • Group Switching of power and signals to multiple devices under test in environmental chambers.
  • Cable Testing.
GX Chassis

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