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simple machines
Irrigation in Ancient Egypt

Papers and articles

The Switch as a Simple Machine (pdf paper)

A short article proposing that the switch be added to the list of simple machines. Basically just an arguement that the switch is just as important as the lever, inclined plane, pully or screw. Since our world in now dominated by switches, it seems like the simple machine list is due for an update. Really just for entertainment because we like switches a lot.

The History of Switching Systems (pdf paper)

The first chapter of a book on switching systems. Covers the evolution of the programmable switching systems from ancient irrigation to modern automated telemetry switches. It covers telephone switch boards, traffic control, automated test, data acquisition and advanced communication switches. Sections on control interfaces such as TTL, RS232, GPIB, LAN and USB. Sections on switches run from computer buses such as STD80 ( Standard Bus or Simple to Design Bus), VME, VXI, PCI and PXI. While it is all in relation to applications for switching systems, it contains historical references that may be interesting to anyone involved in the fields of automated test, data acquisition and communications.

Line Length Simulator Switch

Line Length switch scematic

Model 7721 Line Length Switch

Product Details ( pdf Bulletin )

These Chassis controls up to 30 2x2 modules with 2 to 8 wires per module for building line length simulations. Modules have CAT6A RJ45 connectors and use the EIA568 pin-out to comply with any ethernet standard up to 10GbaseT. Can also be used for any DSL up to GFast. Modules can be driven in parallel to test cables with up to 24 pairs. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. Custom systems and configuration readily available. Call or e-mail for more information.

19" Rack Mount (483 mm)
15" deep (381 mm)
10.5" (6 RU) high (267 mm)
Weight: 25 lbs (12 Kg) max
AC Power : 75 Watts max. 110/220 selectable.

DC to 700 MHz bandpass, 100 ohm pairs
-65 dB of crosstalk isolation @ 225 MHz for 4 wire ( 2 Pair ) modules. 2x2 Switch Modules.
CAT6A RJ45 connectors
LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 or Manual Control
Mechanical relay solutions act exactly like a piece of cable.
Custom systems and configurations

Current Monitor rear panel

current monitor schematic

7734 8 Channel Power Switch w/ current monitoring

Product Details ( pdf Bulletin )

This system controls up to 8 AC Power lines and monitors the current flow for each line. LEDs on the front panel show switch status. Remote status for monitoring current from LAN, RS232 or GPIB. A pushbutton manual control is optional.

19" Rack Mount (483 mm)
15" deep (381 mm)
3.5" (2 RU) high (90 mm)
Weight: 15 to 20 lbs (7 to 9 Kg) max
AC Power : 50 Watts max. 110/220 selectable.

Hot switches power up to 8 amps.
Color coded 3 way binding post connectors.
Current ranges from 0 to 200 ma, up to 0 to 15 amps.
LAN, GPIB, USB, RS232 or Manual Control
Custom systems and configurations

Product Series
CXAR Series - Coaxial Muxes and Switching Systems
CX Series - Coaxial Matrix Switching Systems
CXM Series - Microwave Switching Systems to 40 GHz
RJ Series - Communications Switching Systems (ex: Ethernet, DSL, Teleco Switches)
HXV Series - High Voltage Switching Systems
JX Series - High Density Switches, Switching Systems and Multiplexers
LX Series - General Purpose Switching System
DX Series - Solid State Digital Matrix Switching Systems
RS Series - 9, 15 and 25 wire D connector Switching Systems
HDX Series - Very High Density Switch Matrix Systems
VDX Series - Video and RF Switches Matrix Switching Systems
VDM Series - Modular Video and RF Switch Matrix Systems
VM Series - VME Bus Switch Modules
VX Series - General Purpose Automated test and data acquisition Switching Matrix Systems
GX Series - Multi-wire Group Switching Matrices and Multiplexers
FO Series - Passive Fiber Optic Switches and Switching Systems
FX Series - OEO Fiber Optic Switch Matrix System
MESA Series - Large System Controller for Matrix Expansion Systems
PC Series - PC/AT/XT Compatible Modules
PX Series - High Density Switch Matrix
TX Series - Large Video and RF Switches and Matrix Switching Systems
VXI Series - C-sized switch modules